The Blog:

SNEEF is an alternative perfume blog. I mean, that's why you're here, right? The question is more... why?

The answer is simple: I love alternative and indie perfumes. I love describing them. I love photographing them. I've been effectively using reddit as a blogging platform for months now. It's like, time, to have a dedicated blog to the subject.

With SNEEF my goal is to connect consumers and makers, to provide constructive criticism, and to sniff a lot of perfumes.

SNEEF updates on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule with reviews, interviews (if we can swing 'em), articles and musings.

SNEEF got its start on the reddit Indie Makeup and More (IMAM). I'm an active participant over there. It's the hot source for indie perfume reviews, discussion, and news! Please check it out.

SNEEF is not an abbreviation, nor does it stand for anything in particular beyond the sheer joy of sniffing a good scent. I just capitalize it because I like the aesthetic of it in all caps.


Hi, I'm Aubin. I'm a 30 year old nonbinary person living in Appalachia. Pronouns you ask? She/hers and he/his are equally valid. I also am fine with 'they' but it isn't my first choice. 

My education is in sociology but while I was writing my thesis for my master's degree I realized that academia and I would need to part ways. I haven't quite known what to do with myself since then. Career, who? Never heard of 'em!

I also do photography. This will be relevant later. Most of my experience is in portrait photography but I recently have been dabbling a lot in object photography.

A few months ago my sibling got me back into indie perfumes. 10 years ago I'd been in The Scene as it were on the BPAL forums (ancient reviews of mine are still up there, believe it or not). Then grad school happened and perfumes took a back seat.

Since getting back into indie perfumes I discovered I loved talking about them. Really loved talking about them. And hey, what's a review without a picture, right? We're all visual creatures, right? 

So right now this is my jam. I'm in a kind of weird place where I've got the time, inclination, science background, artistic background and tolerant spouse to be able to really explore this passion.