Friday, September 27, 2019

Hubris and Wedding Perfumes

"It doesn't matter that I'm going to a rehersal dinner/wedding this weekend, I'll get the reviews up on Friday! I'll just bring the perfumes with me! No big!"

And the gods of perfume and trickery laughed merrily at my hubris. Then whoops, lunch with my in laws, then WHOOPS my husband forgot his dress shoes (we both grimly contemplated the site of him in semi-formal clothing and beat up Skechers... then got thee to a shoe store), then whoops there went the rest of the day in a blur of extended family members and white wine spritzers.

12 hours later I stumbled in,  shed confining clothing like a snake wresting itself from a shed skin, superglued the sole back on to my right shoe, and collapsed on to bed.

I messed up guys. I ought to have had something prepped. I don't. I can't even be like 'oh it'll just go up late' because tomorrow I've got to once again get dressed up all fancy-like and then go and cry, and eat, and dance in shoes where one of the soles is being held on by super glue and prayers.

Next review post will be up Monday - my apologies for falling behind schedule.

But I owe you guys a Friday post! So, let's talk: My wedding perfume choices.

Contrary to how it may appear I don't actually get to wear perfumes just to enjoy them all that often. Most days I leave my skin 'clear' to keep it unscented for applying new scents for reviews. My arms basically have four test sites and if I want to do more than four reviews during a day it's going to involve a shower at some point because sink scrubbies can only do so much.

I do upsize when I like stuff - both to support creators and because I like to collect - but actual wearing is restricted to my days 'off' reviewing.

So going to a wedding was a bit of a treat. I decided this would be the weekend of Stereoplasm in terms of perfumes. In terms of other products I brought along I varied it up a little bit.

  • I brought my Stereoplasm Custom (Shady Grove) to wear on the drive up and drive back. This is one of my more comforting scents and has elements that work well year round. But right now it layers super nicely with the spicy-scented fall lotion. It's a scent that I wear just for myself to enjoy - but I'm sure it also makes me smell nice to other people
  • I brought  Stereoplasm's The Velveteen Stranger to wear to the rehersal dinner. It's a little less formal as my perfumes go but still pairs super well with a cocktail dress and/or suit. I'm wearing black and purple this weekend so it matches that color profile.
  • Tomorrow I'm going to be wearing Stereoplasm's World's Fair 1893. Another black-and-purple match and one of the 'fancier' Stereoplasm scents. It could also be matched with a suit or a cocktail dress... but in this case I'm matching it with a cocktail dress with a subtle (I swear) leopard print. It's a dark purple dress with black leopard spots. At a distance it just looks like a subtle print but up close you can see The Spots. Also because Fancy I'm breaking out An Actual Pearl Necklace.
  • I brought Sugar and Spite's lotion with me because it's my face cream at night and is basically my Desert Island lotion at this point. I usually don't use it on anything but my face to conserve it, but, when I'm operating with limited room and can only bring one jar of lotion it's gonna be S&S's lotion. The scent I'm using is part of their Halloween pt. 1 collection - These Are Godless Times.
  • Okay so I technically brought a very small amount of another lotion (though really, this one is more of a genuine body butter - it's very occluding) I grabbed one of the Sugar Milk lotion samples I bought a while back in a random scent - I think maybe strawberry milk? This is a lip-blam sized container but, like, I have psoriasis and there's always a chance that lotion enough will not be enough to keep the silvery scales at bay.
  • I brought a bar of Aleuromancy soap from Little & Grim. This is my first time getting to use L&G soap and y'all this lathers so smooth. Eventually there will be a proper review of this soap but I wanted to note that silky-lather. Plus it made my bath time smell like cookies which cookie-bath is a win as far as I'm concerned. '

What scents do y'all like to wear at weddings? Feel free to comment here (I freaking love comments) or over on the Facebook group.

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