Friday, December 27, 2019

Blog Plans for 2020

SO. Everyone has probably noticed that my review posts have gotten less frequent. I've tried a bunch of different solutions and so far nothing's worked so here's the nitty gritty: I'm chronically ill in a variety of ways. They're not life threatening, but they do sometimes get to the point where functioning in a meaningful way is a beast.  One of the medical folks I'm working with has advised me to not commit myself to working with deadlines when my health is like this.

I'm in the process of getting things back to a manageable state. I've talked some about this before - but this time there's no promises involved other than 'I'll still be updating sometimes'.

So what am I planning going into 2020?

1) Reviews will continue but there will be no set schedule. They'll happen when they happen. I have 'good' days and I have 'bad' days. Working is possible on the good days - so I'm taking a Make Hay While The Sun is Shining approach.

2) I'm going to try and find shorter content to do than review sets. Some announcements on this in the future! At some point!

3) While this is happening I'm doing a lot of Behind The Scenes health work - my goal is to get back to an update schedule because I like producing content.

Thank-you guys for sticking with me! I hope you have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Same. I can't keep to a regular schedule either and I can be out for a whole week. Do what ya gotta do.