Friday, August 23, 2019

GIVEAWAY! Join the SNEEF FB group and enter our g i v e a w a y

So! I’ve racked up a number of press samples and I have a few that … didn’t work for me or DID work for me and I upsized. Normally I’d swap off or sell samples I don’t want anymore but I wouldn’t feel right about doing that with press samples.
Thus I am doing a GIVEAWAY.
How it works:
  • I will be giving away SIX prizes - check below to see what they are!.
  • The winners will pay exact shipping + 1$ to cover the packing materials. I only ship to the US.
  • To enter - comment on this post [ >>>>LINK<<<< ] on the SNEEF FB group [ >>>>LINK<<<< ] with a 1-2 sentence recommendation of a perfume you don’t think gets enough love! While this giveaway will be shared elsewhere ONLY the entries on the SNEEF FB group will count.
  • Entries are open from >>> 2P.M. EST August 23rd 2019 - 2:30 PM EST August 26th 2019 <<<. Entries from outside of this time period will not count.
  • One entry per person.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly via a random selection website TBD.
  • While this will be a Scout’s Honor type thing - I would really appreciate if you win that you ‘pay it forward’ some by posting reviews of the perfumes you get from your blindbag. Post ‘em on IMAM, your blog, or Sucreabeille’s forum (or really, anywhere that indie perfumes are reviewed).
There will be one grand prize not-so-blind bag. This grand prize will contain:
  • 1 1oz EDP of Compass Rose from Sucreabeille
  • 1 mystery Sucreabeille dram
  • 6 mystery 1ml samples
There will be FIVE other prizes available. These prizes are BLIND BAGS and will be truly blind - I’m going to pack them before starting the giveaway - the contents in terms of bottle sizes will be identical. They will contain:
  • 1 mystery 10ml bottle of a Sucreabeille perfume
  • 1 dram of a Sucreabeille perfume
  • 6 mystery 1ml samples from a variety of houses
There are some important caveats here:
  • The shipping on the grand prize will be higher than the other packs since it will contain an EDP which needs to be shipped ground!
  • Aside from that one EDP all scents are oils.
  • Some may have damaged labels. I apologise in advance - I’m a splasher.
  • Fill levels will vary some - especially on the 1mls. They’ll be more than sniffies though. Most have only had one application.
  • There will be a sheet in each bag covering what’s in the bag and the houses and notes of the perfumes
The winners will be announced MONDAY on the SNEEF FB group along with another very special announcement.
A list of the scents in the pool (not all will be given away at this time but these are all of the pool of potentials):
Sucreabeille: Chloroform, Belladonna, God Grant Me The Confidence Of An Average White Man, Venom, Wormwood, Mango Tree, Pear Tree, Passionfruit Vine, Peach Tree, Coconut Palm, Apricot Tree
Stereoplasm: World’s Fair 1893, Eye of the Sahara, Mothman, Ozark Howler, Ogopgo, Two Sparrows, Red Dagger, Fire, Earth, Air, The Sky Is Falling, Jellybones, Caesura, Sunday Morning, Early Reflections, 303, Grieve in Stereo.
Nui Cobalt: Feu Follet, Ellegua, Naiad, Vila, Oshun, Indie Mood, Indie Mood: Liv, Indie Mood Giulia, Mourning Dove, Copper Fox, Black Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Northern Cardinal.
Little & Grim: Bachelor’s Grove, Footfalls, Mourning Joe, Tell-Tale, House of Usher, Necromancy, Selenomancy, Botanomancy, Tasseomancy, Cartomancy.
Andromeda’s Curse: Strength, Call of the Void, Poetry Ribbon, Tea Ceremony, Firefly Hollow, Suwanee, Lichen, Patisserie, Coin-Operated Boy

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