Monday, August 26, 2019

Introducing - Roasts & Toasts!

Some of you have already heard my account of that fateful adventure in which I was issued a Gentlefolk’s Challenge. I’m sure you have questions! And I’m sure those of you just tuning in have even more questions.

It’s time for some answers.

The TL;DR Version of what’s going on:

  • This is a collaborative release of a collection of 5 perfumes between me and 5 perfume houses! In addition, each perfume has a dark counterpart which I'll be roasting. ;)
  • There’s going to be five sets of two reviews on SNEEF ( posted 8/28-8/31
  • Sucreabeille’s FB group is hosting giveaways on EACH of these days (buck wild, I know)
  • The five ‘Toast’ scents will be available in a sample pack from Sucreabeille’s Indie Marketplace. Three perfumes, a body spray, and a tea candle!
  • The five ‘Toast’ scents will also be available in full size from each of the houses involved in the event. Check below for the scents and their notes!

The Full Q&A. The whole shebang. The full monty:

Q: Okay, so what is “Roasts and Toasts”?
A: Five perfume houses gave me two pairs of scents - one of which to ‘Roast’ and the other to ‘Toast’. The ‘Roast’ scents are purposefully bad - and the ‘Toast’ scents were all five houses aiming for a grand slam out of the park.

Q: … But how can you be sure the Toast scents all are ones that would get good reviews? Five scents where you like all of them?
A: We actually built in a safeguard for this! It’s a collaboration so I checked all five scents to make sure they were ones I’d want to rave about and to let the houses know if the scents needed any tweaking to get excellent reviews. It ended up that none of them needed any tweaks. These guys were on their A-game.

Q: So, what kinda scents are these?
A: That was up to the houses! We settled on a broad theme of ‘roasted/toasted’ scents - all of the scents have elements of a ‘roast’ (or in one case a “baked”) or a ‘toast’ (both in the traditional sense and the alcohol one).

Q: So what are the five pairs and their notes?

  • From Sucreabeille:
    Cup of AmbitionToasted marshmallow, three kinds of coffee, dark chocolate. )
    vs. Cup of DesperationThe same coffee drenched in gasoline and whiskey. )
  • From Deconstructing Eden:
    LaLa Land
    Orange flowers and raspberries floating in champagne, on a table of sandalwood, bamboo, and amber, wrapped in tonka bean and cashmere with a squeeze of citron peel. )
    vs. City of NightBurning magazine pages, asphalt, urine, and feces under a crystal night sky. )
  • From Libertine Bath Haus:
    Vanilla Bourbon Smoked Coffee Creamy smooth smoked vanilla, the remnants of last night’s bourbon, sandalwood, a soft leather chaise and freshly smoked espresso beans. )
    vs. Saturday Morning Cartoons with a Hangover ( The same luxuriant notes from the toast... with some extra bourbon, Froot Loops, Cap’n Crunch, Rice Krispies, and a searing headache. )
  • From B. Perry Studios:
    A Snoball’s Chance (In Hell) Devil’s food cake piped with cream cheese icing, wrapped in homemade raspberry marshmallow then tossed in coconut. )
    vs. The Devil’s Lettuce A Snoball's Chance In Hell, reeking of patchouli oil, burning incense, and marijuana smoke .)
  • From Sihaya and Co:
    A Good Day with the Baby
    Toasted vanilla puff treats, lavender shampoo, baby-powder scented lotion, and marshmallow sweet baby giggles. )
     vs. A Bad Day With the Baby The fungal remnants of the bottle you forgot in the bottom of the travel bag, spit-up on your shirt, several stinky diaper blowouts and a screaming child that warrants about a gallon of coffee - once freshly roasted, now cold and stale. )

Q: Oh cool! So where can I read the reviews for these scents?
A: These reviews will all be going up exclusively on SNEEF ( I’ll be linking to the official post all over the place on facebook. But you wanna make sure that you keep an eye on Sucreabeille’s facebook group in particular because there’s gonna be giveaways there on each of the days that a review pair goes up.

Q: You mentioned giveaways. What’s the deal with those?
A: There will be an official daily ‘post’ on Sucreabeille’s facebook group [ link - join now! ] linking to the review set for that day and explaining that day’s giveaway!

Q: I must have these scents. Where can I get them?
A: A sample pack of the five ‘Toast’ scents will be available on Sucreabeille’s Indie Marketplace. Also, each house will have full sizes available of each scent on their individual web pages.

The ‘Roast’ scents, alas, are scents for me alone to “enjoy” with the exception of The Devil’s Lettuce because Brooke is a pusher and wants everyone to get hooked on (the smell of) pot. That one will be available on the B. Perry Studios website.

Q: When does all this launch? I want IN, my dude!
A: Everything will be ready to go on Wednesday August 28th 2019!

Q: Okay, so, this answers a lot of my questions - but what was the deal with that whole Jules Verne style adventure story?
A: I am taken aback that you think my account of my visit to Sucreabeille’s private island laboratory is a mere work of fiction. I assure you that my accuracy of the events is unparalleled! And that is not the end - nay, my review sets will each feature a portion of the account of the rest of that adventure...

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