Monday, November 25, 2019

A Winter's Ball: Announcement!

Those of you who are loyal SNEEF readers will remember the Big To Do over Roasts and Toasts where I did a review a day for a week for a group released I'd collabed on...

And I'm here to share: We're at it again folks.

That's right - I (very mildly) collabed on A Winter's Ball and now I am the hype train for it. Choo choo.

So, for this collab I participated in:

  • Helping come up with the idea and theme for it.
  • Watching the talented makers come to a consensus on doing it.
  • Mentioning what notes were not my thing. 
  • I'm gonna be telling y'all what it smells like with the same level of fidelity and honesty I apply to other reviews. (But, TBH everything I've given an initial sniff to has seemed legit so far).
We didn't do any sort of approval process, nor did I suggest notes for use. I did beg for a scent called A Truth Universally Acknowledged (which I got).

Anyway! It's a luxury Pride and Prejudice themed scent set. There's also two makeup pieces in there (a lip tint and a shimmer blush) that I will not be reviewing because, man, I don't wear makeup and my reviews would be like 'Hm... this sure is... a colored thing you put on your skin'. But they look pretty in the swatches!

So this weekend I watched the A&E Pride and Prejudice (it's up on Hulu if any of y'all wanna (re)live through Colin Firth in a wet shirt) for research and now I'm embarking on daily reviews of these products for the next week! Every day from now 'till Saturday expect a new daily review! These reviews will be exclusively on the blog... though I will be linking the posts around to various places.

At the end of it all I'll do a roundup post like I did with Roasts and Toasts.

You can buy the Winter's Ball set at Suc's Indie Marketplace [ link ] and you can get individual pieces from the various retailers participating. 

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